EEE Projects

EEE projects refer to projects in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In this discipline, students are taught about different ideas in electronics based on which they are expected to work on certain projects in their final years. These projects are expected to be innovative and creative, offering an insight into the workings of different electronics related concepts. You can borrow some ideas from the list of interesting EEE projects mentioned below:

100 EEE Projects Topics for Students | Major Walter Nowotny
  1. Unified Power Quality Conditioner: Unified power quality conditioners (UPQCs) allow the mitigation of voltage and current disturbances that could affect sensitive electrical loads while compensating the load reactive power. It aims at the integration of series-active and shunt-active power filters. The main purpose of a UPQC is to compensate for voltage imbalance, reactive power, negative sequence current and harmonics.
  2. RF Technology Based Wireless Phase Motor Starter with Feedback Indicators
  3. Power Electronic Based Control Design of Fault Current Limiter
  4. Proportional Integral Controller Based Thirteen level Inverter for PV System Connected by Grid
  5. Power Control and Energy Management of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator for Grid Integration and Distributed Power Generation
  6. Full Bridge Converters and Multi Boost Based Battery Power Management and Super Capacitors for Hybrid Vehicle Applications
  7. Two Parallel Single phase Rectifiers Based Single Phase to Three Phase Drive System
  8. Microcontroller Based Power Management System for Standalone Micro grids With Hybrid Power Supply
  9. Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Cards: is an efficient scheme of electricity billing. It is beneficial to consumers and power plant in terms of revenue and power sector reforms.
  10. Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL): With the increase of electricity demand and change of concerning environment, the capabilities of renewable energy generation systems are being expanded.
  11. Speed Control of DC Motor Using TRIAC: DC motors are widely used in industry because of its low cost, less complex control structure and wide range of speed and torque.
  12. Magneto Optic Current Transducer (MOCT): An accurate electric current transducer is a key component of any power system instrumentation. To measure currents power stations and substations conventionally employ inductive type current transformers with core and windings
  13. Solid state drives
  14. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  15. Solar Power Generation
  16. Solar Hybrid PVT Systems
  17. Solar Power Satellite
  18. Automatic Washroom Light Switch: This is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life which helps to automatically turn on the lights when a person enters a washroom and automatically turns off the lights when he leaves it.
  19. Digital Stopwatch Circuit: This is a simple circuit that displays count from 0 to 59, representing a 60 second time interval.
  20. Software Packages
  21. Written-Pole Technology
  22. White LED: The Future Lamp
  23. Wavelet Transforms
  24. RFID based Attendance System: is designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller and is mainly used in educational institutions, industries, etc. where authentication is needed.
  25. Voltage Sag Analysis
  26. The Global Voltage Regulation
  27. Terrestrial Photovoltaics (PVs)
  28. Telluri Current
  29. Distributed generation
  30. HDVC & FACTS
  31. Digital power electronics
  32. Automatic Doorbell with object detection: This circuit helps to sense the presence of a person or an object automatically and rings the doorbell.
  33. Power quality
  34. Battery powered portable light
  35. Motor detection circuit
  36. USB mobile charger circuit
  37. Cell phone controlled robotic vehicle
  38. SMS controlled robot
  39. Remote password-operated electronic home appliances
  40. Sun tracking solar panel
  41. Mosquito repellant circuit
  42. Street lights glowing upon detection of vehicular movements
  43. Composite Insulators
  44. Curtain opener and closer circuit
  45. LED running lights circuit
  46. LED Christmas lights circuit
  47. Air flow detector circuit
  48. Soil Moisture Sensor and GSM Technology Based Controlling of Intelligent Irrigation Water System
  49. Dual GSM Modem Based Phase Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates
  50. Remote Control and Monitoring of Digital Energy Meter by Using GSM Technology
  51. Designing and Construction of Earth Fault Relay for Single Phase Power System
  52. Power Quality Measuring and Development Method for Monitor Device
  53. Wireless Sensor Based Auto Control of Water Level Checking
  54. Password Enabled Industrial Devices Switching by Using Speech Recognition
  55. Industrial Automation with Door Controlling by Using Touch Screen
  56. Commercial Service Load Calculations
  57. Cluster Meter System
  58. Ceramic Servomotors
  59. Low power audio amplifier using 555 timers: This is a simple low power audio amplification circuit designed using 555 timer. It can be used to develop low power music systems used in vehicles.
  60. Remote Flying Robot Based GSM Unmanned Arial Photography
  61. Power Harvesting of Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water Distribution System
  62. Voice Transmitter and Receiver Based on Laser Torch
  63. AC Lamp Dimmer Based on Android Smart Phone
  64. Reaction Timer Game Circuit: contains 10 LEDs that are moving in an arbitrary fashion and we have to target a particular LED given by your challenger.
  65. Panic Alarm: helps us to intimate others regarding our bad situation without any delay. It is more useful when an intruder entering our house or bad health status at which we are unable to intimate to the people around us.
  66. A Unified Frame Work for Optimal Control Theory and Hybrid Control Model
  67. Vehicle Smoke Detecting and Speed Sensing System
  68. GSM Based UPS Battery Management for Industries
  69. Touch Screen GLCD Technology based Digital Devices Control System
  70. Power Conversion System from Three Phases to Single Phase
  71. Vision Based Tanker Robot for Surveillance System
  72. Chopper Based Speed Controlling of Electric Motor
  73. Power Semi Conductor Based Speed Control of Universal Motor
  74. Over Voltage Protection of Lead Acid Battery DC Charger
  75. Access Control of Electrical Equipments System Based on Integrated Chip
  76. Energy Meter Based Manipulating of Domestic Electricity Bill
  77. Electrical Devices Protection from Earth Fault through Circuit Breaker
  78. TRIAC Based Load Controlling and Dynamic Temperature Adjustable System
  79. LDR and RTC Based an Efficient Power Saver for Street Lights
  80. Transformer Conservation from Voltage and Over Heat in Industries
  81. Observation of Numerous Parameters in Motors for Fault Avoidance
  82. Speed Control System of Electric Motor in Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Directions
  83. A Domestic Electricity Meter Construction with Voice Announcement
  84. Novel Technique Based Three Phase to Five Phase Transformer Development
  85. Hybrid Solar Wind Charger
  86. Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  87. Pull pin security alarm system
  88. Thermistor temperature sensing alarm
  89. Remote operate alarm circuit
  90. Automatic Changeover Switch
  91. PIR sensor-based security alarm
  92. TV remote control jammer
  93. Car battery charger circuit
  94. Reverse parking sensor circuit
  95. Stun gun circuit
  96. Transistor intercom circuit
  97. FM radio circuit
  98. Solar powered auto irrigation system
  99. Solar energy measurement mechanism
  100. Rhythm following flash lights