GD Topics

Group discussion refers to an activity involving a group of 8 to 10 members. This is conducted for approximately 20 minutes. The participants are provided with a topic for GD and the main idea is to allow them to exchange ideas and opinions. Each participant hails from a different background and will try to enforce his opinion over the others. Today GDs have grown into the most powerful and effective tools for recruitment personnel to screen candidates. These help them to judge the candidates’ potential and communication skills. GD players are judged on the basis of leadership skills, language skills, communication skills, team playing abilities and group dynamics.

100 Group Discussion Topics for Students | Major Walter Nowotny
  1. Aviation require better engineer or management : This topic is related to the latest crisis in the aviation sector and is related to the management practices; the purpose is to find solutions.
  2. Save Wildlife-Need of the hour:
  3. Flexibility of labor laws is the key to attracting more FDI
  4. Engineers Joining Management Is A National Waste
  5. We are not serious about saving Wildlife
  6. Liberalization is leading to jobless growth
  7. Business Ethics – An Outlook: This GD topic would help the interviewer judge the candidates on their strategy and tactics to handle the problem.
  8. How To Deal With International Terrorism
  9. Is Management An Art or Science :
  10. Religion is a Private Affair: Through this type of a topic, the interviewer focuses on the social being of the candidates and judges the candidate as a rational being, testing to see whether he is broadminded to accept the coexistence of diverse religions.
  11. The Objective of Management is to maximize profit
  12. Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience: This kind of topic is specially offered to the candidates during interviews for entry into the management profession and management placements to check communication skills.
  13. Are co-operatives relevant in today’s globalized environment
  14. Are Peace and Nonviolence an outdated concept?
  15. Foreign Aid – An Addictive Drug
  16. Economic freedom -Road to growth and prosperity
  17. Is the budgeting exercise of any use
  18. Utilization of Privatization Proceeds
  19. Indian Philosophy In The World
  20. What Football Means To India
  21. Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine
  22. Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?
  23. Criticism is always good
  24. Value based politics is the need of the hour
  25. How to deal with high oil prices
  26. Religion should not be mixed with politics
  27. Dependency on computers is a good thing
  28. Should there be private universities?
  29. Can banning fashion shows save our culture?
  30. Should public sector be privatized
  31. Cricketers are not to be blamed for fixing matches
  32. How can we deal with increasing population?
  33. A unipolar world can spell disaster for countries like India
  34. Foreign television channels destroy our culture
  35. Corruption is the price we pay for democracy
  36. Is management an art or science?
  37. Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for growth
  38. Democracy is hampering India’s progress
  39. MBA in India is highly overrated
  40. Family owned businesses vs. professionally run businesses
  41. Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those which are learnt from experiences
  42. Is coalition politics here to stay?
  43. Quality is a myth in India
  44. BPO revolution and its effect on society at large
  45. Indian villages-our strength or weakness?
  46. Will China overtake India in IT?
  47. Education and Success-is there a correlation?
  48. Can man be replaced with machines?
  49. Films are corrupting the youth
  50. Should gambling be legalized?
  51. Violence and crimes must not be aired on TV
  52. Secularism has grown into a tool to justify wrongs done by minorities
  53. Government contribution to IT
  54. Education in India compared to foreign countries
  55. UN peacekeeping activities
  56. What are the benefits of coeducation?
  57. India needs a dictatorship
  58. Nuclear war cannot be won and should not therefore be fought
  59. Advertising is waste of resources
  60. Privatization means less corruption
  61. Effect of liberalization on poverty
  62. Women cannot balance work and home successfully
  63. Money is needed to earn money
  64. Foreign trade is important for countries to survive
  65. Nothing succeeds like success
  66. Are women as good as men or inferior to them?
  67. Is human cloning ethical?
  68. Love marriage Vs. arranged marriage
  69. Housewife Vs. working women
  70. Effects of computers on society
  71. Should live-in relationships be allowed?
  72. Poverty in the third world is because of prosperity in the first world
  73. Should the Internet be censored?
  74. Impact of the western culture on India
  75. Rules are made to be broken
  76. Commercialization of healthcare sector
  77. Are MNCs better than regional firms?
  78. Impact of Valentine Day on our culture
  79. Should attendance be made compulsory in the engineering colleges?
  80. Role of youth in politics
  81. Peer pressure can make or break your future
  82. Road rage has made lives stressful
  83. Reservations downgrade merit
  84. Is women empowerment the cause for increasing number of divorces?
  85. Are social networking websites a waste of time for the career driven youth?
  86. We do not learn history; we repeat it
  87. Do we really need a global policeman?
  88. NGOs – Do they serve peoples interests or are they pressure groups?
  89. Death of Socialism
  90. Role of women in development
  91. Kids today are not what they used to be
  92. Casteless India – A pipe dream
  93. Should Trade Unionism be banned in India
  94. Repeated elections – Should taxpayers pay for it?
  95. Indian bureaucracy – foundation strengths or colonial hangovers?
  96. Generation X – Drivers of our future or are they our lost souls?
  97. Do we need a cut in the defense budget?
  98. “” companies – Is there room for everyone?
  99. Materialism – Have we sold our souls to the Devil?
  100. Has examinations killed our education system?