Paper Presentation Topics for Mechanical

100 Paper Presentation Topics for Mechanical Students | Major Walter Nowotny

Students of mechanical engineering focus on designing and developing machines, ranging from bicycles to advanced supersonic jets. The students of this discipline influence the designs of products like doors and shoes and the subject is extensively used in areas like manufacturing, robotics, transportation, air conditioning etc. Mechanical engineers are equipped to design machines and processes, components and systems. They have the expertise to analyze the design of machines by using principles of force, motion and energy so that the ultimate product is able to function reliably and effectively. Students of mechanical engineering may choose from the following topics when it comes to presenting papers for their research. These will help them gain an in-depth knowledge of the discipline and make them motivated to come out with more and more innovative solutions.

  1. Ultra Nano Crystalline Diamond
  2. Underwater Welding
  3. Underwater wind mill
  4. Vacuum Braking System
  5. Valvetronic Engine Technology
  6. Variable compression ratio engine
  7. Variable Length Intake Manifold (VLIM)
  8. Perpetual Motion Machines
  9. Pendolina system for railway passenger comfort
  10. Orbital WeldingOrbital/Space Mechanics
  11. Orbit Forming
  12. Opto-Electronic Sensor System
  13. Oil well drilling
  14. Oil Depletion in the WorldOil Shear brakes
  15. Ocean Thermal Energy
  16. Nuclear Power Potential as Major Energy Source
  17. Multiple material milling platform
  18. Multi Valve Engine
  19. Molten oxide electrolysis
  20. Molecular hinges
  21. Molecular Engineering
  22. Modular Workstations
  23. Modular Gear motor
  24. Modular conveyor Belts
  25. Modeling and simulation
  26. Miller Cycle Gas Engine
  27. Micro Topography
  28. Single Crystal Turbine Aerofoil
  29. Shock Waves & Shock Diamonds
  30. Rapid Prototyping is a method in which the part is created by a layer-additive process. Using specialized software, a 3-D CAD model is cut into very thin layers or cross-sections. The RP machine then constructs the part layer by layer until a solid replica of the CAD model is generated.
  31. Shape Memory Alloys
  32. Sensotronic Braking System
  33. Semi-synthetic cutting fluids
  34. Self-Healing Polymer Technology
  35. Self Repairing Composites
  36. Self Healing Spacecrafts
  37. Self Aware Robots
  38. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  39. A waste treatment technology, which includes the combustion of waste for recovering energy, is called as “incineration”. Incineration together with high temperature waste treatments is thermal treatment. During incineration, the waste material that is treated is converted in to IBM, gases, particles and heat. These products are used for electricity production.
  40. Hilton Mechanical Heat Pump is designed solely for educational purpose and data in qualitative form can be obtained for analysis of the heat pump.
  41. Autocollimators are used to detect small misalignments. If a parallel beam of light is projected from the collimating lens and if a plane reflector R is set up normal to the direction of the beam, light will be reflected back along the same path and light will be brought back to focus exactly at the position of the light source
  42. Pseudo elasticity and Shape Memory in Metal Nano wires
  43. Programmable keyless entry
  44. Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
  45. Porous Burner Technology
  46. Plastic Welding Polymers castings
  47. Wireless factories
  48. Wind From The Sun-Power Plant
  49. Vacuum Brakes: The vast majority of the world’s trains are equipped with braking systems that use compressed air as force used to push blocks onto wheels or pads on to discs. These systems are known as “air brakes” or “pneumatic brakes”. Pressure change in the pipe causes a change in the state of the brake on each vehicle. It can apply the brake, release it or hold it “on” after a partial application.
  50. Hexapod Robots: For exploring in unknown and rough terrains the use of legged robots is beneficial because their movements are less limited by the shape of the surface on which they must travel. A walking robot may be an effective means of detecting and eliminating mines while ensuring safety of local residents and people engaged in removal work. Hence, insect movement with legs is considered most stable.
  51. Fabrication and performance Evaluation of the Solar Still
  52. Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are widely used for transporting material in manufacturing and warehousing applications. These systems offer many advantages over other forms of material transport.
  53. Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
  54. Efficiency Increasing System in Automobile by using preheating method
  55. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
  56. D & F of Triangular air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
  57. SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
  58. Fabrication of man less defense
  59. Fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
  60. Automatic sensor based wall painting robot
  61. Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
  62. Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
  63. Remote controlled Pick and Place video analyzing robot
  64. Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
  65. Fabrication of Automatic steering control system for automobile
  66. Fabrication of Multi-Engine compressor
  67. Solar powered water purification system: It uses the concept natural fiteration of evaporation and condensation. When water gets heated with sunlight, it starts converting into water vapor which later condensed to get pure drinking water.
  68. Solar powered remote control aircraft: Awareness of general public about climate change has increase significantly and with this the realization that fuel prices are skyrocketing pressurizes us to think about alternate fuel for aircraft and one of these alternates is Solar Energy.
  69. Fire Fighting Robot
  70. Robotic Spider
  71. Shocks absorber testing machine
  72. Energy saving light arrangement
  73. Power saving system for lathe
  74. Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine
  75. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
  76. SMS based Automatic two wheeler locking system
  77. Remote controlled Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  78. Automatic Scrap Collecting Vehicle
  79. Automatic Fire fighting cum material handling vehicle
  80. Automatic Packing control Machine for Industrial Application
  81. Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  82. Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine
  83. Automatic Wheel chair-cum-bed
  84. Automatic Sky Car parking System
  85. Automatic Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System
  86. Railways accident Avoiding System (Level crossing and Fire Alarm)
  87. Fabrication of Automatic Magnetic Accident preventer for Train
  88. SMS based automatic drilling machine
  89. Fabrication of Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
  90. Fabrication of Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone
  91. Fabrication of Automatic car overtaking system
  92. Automatic drunken-drive avoiding system for automobiles
  93. Intelligent active Suspension system for two wheeler
  94. Automatic Packing control Machine for Industrial Application
  95. Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
  96. Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine
  97. Automatic Wheel chair cum bed
  98. Fabrication of Automatic cold chamber Die Casting Machine
  99. Design & Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
  100. Remote operated weapon System