Mechanical Projects

Mechanical engineering deals with the designing and manufacturing of every object, ranging from small devices to large systems like spacecrafts and machines.

100 Mechanical Projects Topics for Students | Major Walter Nowotny

The students who enroll for mechanical engineering need to take up projects on mechanical engineering in order to hone their knowledge about the discipline and get a hands-on experience about manufacturing and designing machines. They can borrow some ideas from a list of mechanical projects enlisted below:

  1. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
  2. Space Elevator: In a Space Elevator scenario, a Maglev vehicle would zoom up the side of an exceedingly tall structure and end up at a transfer point where they’d then board a craft to the Moon, Mars, or any other distant destination. This concept is very fuel efficient and brings space tourism closer common man uses the newly added concept of nano-tubes to light.
  3. Fabrication of hydraulic revolving multi-purpose trailer
  4. Solar powered auto charging grinding machine
  5. Vacuum braking system: The vacuum braking system is basically controlled through a brake pipe that connects a brake valve in the driver’s cab with the braking equipments provided in every vehicle. The operations of the brake equipments on each vehicle depend on the condition of vacuum created in the pipe by an ejector or exhauster.
  6. Remote controlled tilting wheel chair for physically disable
  7. Fabrication of abrasive jet machine
  8. Advanced Propulsion Methods: refers to the more advanced propulsion methods like solar thermal rocket propulsion, Hall Effect drives, electrostatic ion propulsion drives, lightsails and lightcrafts, space butterflies etc.
  9. Ocean thermal energy: All our major resources of power are steadily diminishing in strength and demands are increasing steeply. In a few decades, the world’s petroleum resources will be exhausted and this realization amongst scientists all over the world made them consider energy resources which are everlasting. A big step in the exploration of such renewable energy source is the conversion of ocean thermal energy.
  10. Fully automated chapatti making machine
  11. Fabrication of coin separator machine
  12. Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine
  13. Automatic double axis welding machine
  14. Advanced battery and fuel cell development for EV/HEV
  15. Automatic scrap collecting vehicle
  16. Pneumatic operated three axis modern trailer
  17. Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
  18. Water collar cum air conditioner
  19. Digital auto speed limiter for limiting the speed of cars when a hospital or school falls in the way
  20. Electromechanical brakes
  21. Solar toy car
  22. Hybrid motorbike
  23. Solar tricycle for children
  24. Automatic wheel chair cum bed
  25. Fabrication of tube rolling machine
  26. Fabrication of switch board cutter
  27. Fabrication of spring testing machine
  28. Fabrication of pedestal spot welding machine
  29. Fabrication of oil pump testing equipment
  30. Fabrication of pedal washing machine
  31. Automatic potato chips making machine
  32. Fabrication of miniature boiler
  33. Portable circular saw machine
  34. Pneumatic operated chapathi making machine
  35. Intelligent motorized wall painting crane
  36. Fabrication of cylindrical grinding machine
  37. Automatic high speed bottle washing machine
  38. Fabrication of maize de-husker
  39. Fabrication of hydro power plant
  40. Fabrication of multi-process cutter
  41. Automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment
  42. Fabrication of vacuum conveyor for industrial application
  43. Automatic pneumatic grinding machine
  44. Intelligent Way Searching Pick and Place Robot
  45. Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
  46. Fabrication of Path finding Vehicle
  47. Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
  48. Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
  49. Shock Waves & Shock Diamonds
  50. Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator
  51. Accident preventing system for automatic pneumatic printing press
  52. Automatic pneumatic multi-purpose press
  53. Fabrication of automatic typical pipe cutting machine
  54. D & f of automatic coil winding machine
  55. Fabrication of pipe thread cutting machine
  56. Fabrication of auto feed pneumatic vice
  57. Fabrication of hydraulic pallet truck
  58. Fabrication of automatic punching/printing conveyor
  59. Digital locking system for material handling vehicle
  60. Fabrication of escalator
  61. Free Form Modelling Based on N-Sided Surfaces
  62. Magnetically driven micro-annular gear pump for metering applications
  63. Functional Nanocrystalline Ceramics
  64. Automatic dam shutter control system
  65. Portable pipe cutting machine
  66. Fabrication of variable drive gear box
  67. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  68. Automatic material handling Fire Fighting Robot
  69. Aero plane Controlling System (Flying Model)
  70. Pulse detonation engine: an unsteady propulsive device in which the combustion chamber is periodically filled with a reactive gas mixture, a detonation is initiated, the detonation propagates through the chamber, and the product gases are exhausted.
  71. Pseudo-elasticity and Shape Memory in Metal Nano-wires
  72. Quantum Chromo Dynamics
  73. MEMS In Industrial Automation
  74. Solar powered refrigerator: uses an intermittent ammonia-water absorption system as refrigeration in remote areas when electrical energy is not available.
  75. Frictionless Compressor Technology
  76. Anti-lock braking system
  77. Mass Rapid Transit System: deals with methods that have helped in completely transforming the technology for the engineers, supervisors and local contractors and these are destined to go a long way in redefining construction management.
  78. Infrared Curing And Convection Curing
  79. Ball Piston machines
  80. Autonomous Submarines
  81. Perpetual Motion Machines: Any machine which is designed to work constantly without any extra energy being given to it is called a perpetual motion machine; obviously these perpetual motion machines requires energy to get them moving but not thereafter.
  82. Latest in hi-tech petrol fuel injection –GDI (Gasoline direct Injection)
  83. High-volume aluminium pipe system for larger vacuum applications
  84. Welding Robots: Welding technology has obtained access to every branch of manufacturing; the welding robots refer to automation of major welding processes in industries using robots, which was hitherto done manually under hazardous and perilous working environments.
  85. Special materials for high temperature applications
  86. Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator
  87. Engineering Applications of Nylon
  88. Intelligent manufacturing
  89. Fuel Cell Airplane
  90. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  91. Tension Control Brake
  92. Modular conveyor Belts
  93. Concurrent Engineering
  94. Bose suspension system
  95. Super Flat Nano Films
  96. Wireless factories
  97. Micro Fluidic Chips
  98. Cushioning Impact in Pneumatic Cylinder
  99. Marine electric propulsion
  100. Cruise Missile Technology