Seminar Topics

Seminar topics help student gain an in-depth understanding of the subject which interests them. Seminars can be held because they are unarguably useful for educational purposes. For instance, they work like lectures wherein group members can participate in a discussion on academics. There may be seminars on a variety of topics which are not necessarily related to academics like real estate markets or web marketing. Seminars can also be motivational where the main aim is to inspire the audience. As students, it is expected that you will attend multiple seminars during your education years. You may be part of the audience or take part in these seminars to broaden your knowledge and hone your communication skills. You can choose from any of the following interesting and thought provoking seminar topics:

100 Seminar Topics for Students | Major Walter Nowotny
  1. Engineering Education in the field of environment protection
  2. History of Women in Teaching
  3. E-Business: refers to the process of using the Internet and its associated technologies to transform every business process and enable all parts of the organization’s value chain from acquiring, serving, and retaining customers to interacting with employees, partners, and the world at large.
  4. Quality assurance in engineering education
  5. Significance of free access to educational courses
  6. Traffic pulse technology
  7. Pill camera
  8. Night vision technology
  9. Space mouse
  10. Nano-technology
  11. Global positioning system and its application
  12. Tsunami warning system
  13. Smart dust core architecture
  14. Advanced technique for RTL
  15. Optical fiber communication
  16. Quality Management: Quality of a product or a service is what a customer experiences relative to his expectations while using this product or service. If perceived expectations are met, the customer is satisfied; if the expectations are exceeded, then the customer is delighted. The essence of quality management is to provide value to the customer in the eight dimensions of quality, namely performance, reliability, conformance, durability, aesthetics and perceived quality.
  17. International mobility of teachers, postgraduates and students
  18. Information exchange on engineering sciences
  19. Postmodernism
  20. Making the Classics Live for Today’s Student
  21. Distance and flexible education systems
  22. Mobile train radio communication
  23. Paper battery
  24. Smart antenna for mobile communication
  25. Smart note taker
  26. Embedded web technology
  27. Low energy efficiency wireless
  28. Low budget film and directing strategies
  29. Personal Development
  30. Climate change
  31. Social capital online
  32. Writing and Civil Society
  33. Reading Others, Writing Yourself
  34. Establishing Goals and Priorities
  35. Ecology – Connections of Life
  36. Career advancement and survival for engineers
  37. Communication network design
  38. Seminar on artificial passenger
  39. Control of environment parameter in a green house
  40. 3D traditional and modeling
  41. Home based wireless work monitoring system
  42. Sun tracker
  43. PC interfaced voice recognition system
  44. Cyber security
  45. Future generation wireless network
  46. Bluetooth based smart sensor network
  47. White LED
  48. Gesture recognition using accelerometer
  49. Cellular digital data packet
  50. Telecommunication Network PPT
  51. Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles
  52. Application of Swarm Robots
  53. Embedded Systems Final Year Seminar Topic on Smart Phones technology
  54. Collective Behavior: Most of the examples of collective behavior mentioned are instances of crowd behavior. Robert Park and Herbert Blumer see crowds as emotional, but as capable of any emotion, not only the negative ones of anger and fear.All of these writers acknowledge that there are crowds in which the participants are not assembled in one place.
  55. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
  56. Visual Aids: Visual aids significantly improve the interest of a presentation. However, they must be relevant to what you want to say; for instance, a careless design or use of a slide can simply get in the way of the presentation.
  57. Web based remote device monitoring
  58. Organic electronic
  59. Motivational Speakers: Motivational speakers are persons engaged in public speaking who help motivate others with their knowledge and real-life stories in public setting such as sales seminars and corporate meetings.
  60. Packet Cable Network
  61. Packet Switching chips
  62. Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his job. There are a variety of factors that can influence a person’s level of job satisfaction. These factors include the level of pay and benefits, the perceived fairness of the promotion system within a company and the quality of working conditions, leadership and social relationships and the job itself.
  63. Stress Management: Since stress activates the body’s defense mechanism, blood is frequently drawn away from the extremities when a stress attack occurs. Digital thermometers can be used to detect a person’s level of stress. This seminar discusses ways that are useful for prevention and control of stress attacks.
  64. India and the nuclear deal
  65. Cultural Implications for Technology
  66. General problems of engineering and technology education
  67. Strategic Thinking and Effective Decision
  68. The Global City
  69. Post modernism
  70. Competitive India
  71. Science, Pseudoscience, and Paranormal Belief
  72. Film Promotions and public relation strategies
  73. Distance and flexible education systems
  74. Effective Communication with your Stakeholders
  75. Current issues and effects of mass communication
  76. Vocal training techniques
  77. Politics and Social Media : Commons in the Space Online
  78. Artist development & acting techniques
  79. 2012 – Nostradamus prophecy
  80. Interpersonal Skills
  81. Motivational Interviewing: Motivational interviewing refers to a counseling approach developed by clinical psychologists. It recognizes and accepts the fact clients who need to make changes in their lives approach counseling at different levels of readiness to change their behavior. If the counseling is mandated, they may never have thought of changing the behavior in question.
  82. Automatic number plate recognition
  83. Military radar
  84. MIMO wireless channels
  85. Telephone router
  86. Speed sensor
  87. Microcontroller based dissolving process control
  88. Local PCO meter
  89. Railway switch and signals
  90. Card based security system
  91. Caring for Elderly Parents
  92. Interpersonal Skills
  93. Music as Culture
  94. Science, Pseudoscience, and Paranormal Belief
  95. Establishing Goals and Priorities
  96. Time Management is Self Management
  97. Cultural Implications for Technology
  98. Management of Self
  99. Customer Service & Sales
  100. Drugs and Society