IT Projects

Information technology projects have to be undertaken by students who have enrolled into Information Technology discipline.

100 IT Project Topics for Students | Major Walter Nowotny

IT is a discipline which focuses on areas such as computer technology support, database management and computer networks, information security and business software operations. In today’s’ world, IT faces new challenges each day relating to growth of the Internet or latest operating systems or additional computing powers, web security, wireless communication systems etc. It is therefore necessary that students pursuing this discipline in colleges take up interesting and innovative projects to widen their understanding of the concepts.

  1. XML-Based Accretion on Data Extraction
  2. Sheltered Crossing Out Scheme through Protected Data Forwarding in Cloud
  3. Online Job Portal with Exam
  4. Improving RFID System to Read the Tags Efficiently RFID Security
  5. Network Address Translator
  6. Embedded and real-time systems
  7. Consumer-oriented digital economics
  8. Online consumer decision support & advertising
  9. SMS Blocker Android Widget Design Document
  10. P-AODY: Extension of AODY for Partially Connected Ad hoc Networks
  11. Effective Payment Transaction and Security-Based Outsourcing Process
  12. Loan Automation System
  13. Intelligent Car Transportation System
  14. SIP based distributed classroom: The project goal is to develop a SIP-based application that will allow students and Instructor to have a classroom experience while students are remote both from the physical classroom and from each other.
  15. SIP telephone for the hearing impaired
  16. E-Waste Management
  17. Auto text summarization: For generating a summary or a brief but accurate representation of the contents of a given electronic text document
  18. Enhanced Maintenance Architecture in E-Commerce Server
  19. Sales and Invoice Tracking System
  20. Online Blood Bank System
  21. Smart Metering Initiative
  22. Internet Shopping Cart System
  23. Traffic and road condition estimation using smartphone sensors: several methods have been proposed that use sensors in smartphones for activity detection in various environments like indoor localization, traffic detection and detecting activity of a person. The smartphone based traffic estimation methods obviate the need for specialized hardware installed in vehicles or on the road side
  24. Software robustness for digital society
  25. Employee Profile Management System: This is a human resource management application that delivers effective employee data management and integrated directory services to lower the administrative costs associated with employee profile management.
  26. Software as a service
  27. Online vehicle rental system: to automate vehicle rental and reservation so that customers do not need to walk-in or call in order to reserve a vehicle
  28. Software specification and design methodologies
  29. Software development and deployment
  30. Programming languages and supporting tools
  31. Patterns/Anti-patterns/Artifacts/Frameworks
  32. Agile/Generic/Agent-oriented programming
  33. Neuronal networks/Fuzzy logic/Temporal logic/ Genetic Algorithms
  34. Information Based Queries in Mobile Environment
  35. Creation of Exam Results Web Page
  36. Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining
  37. Online Auction System
  38. Web-Based.Net Business Application
  39. Creating Matrimonial Site for Unmarried
  40. Project Tracking System: was specifically designed to make software project management
  41. hassle free and straightforward.
  42. Pharmacy Database Management System
  43. A Gossip Protocol for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Environment
  44. Vehicle Speed Detection and Fine Amount Calculation for Controlling Over-Speed Using Data Mining
  45. Computer Telephone Integration
  46. SEO Optimizer and Suggester
  47. Citizen Interaction of Elected Person SMS-based e-Governance Services.
  48. Library Management System
  49. Resource Sharing in Decentralized Type of Wireless Network with Low Latency in Distributed Manner
  50. Inspection and Cost Management Heavy Construction Using M-Commerce System
  51. Online Cloths Shopping Tool
  52. A Proficient Adaptive Gridlock Liberated Using Routing Algorithm in Network
  53. Linguistic knowledge representation
  54. Knowledge acquisition, processing, and management
  55. Cognitive science and knowledge agent-based systems
  56. Knowledge modeling and virtualization
  57. Context-aware and self-management systems
  58. Imprecision/Uncertainty/Incompleteness in databases
  59. Geographic and spatial data infrastructures
  60. Telemedicine software and devices
  61. Virtual telemedicine
  62. Wireless telemedicine
  63. Electronic imagery and visualization frameworks
  64. Color imaging and multidimensional projections
  65. IP-based networking and applications
  66. Intelligent car transportation system: Proposed Intelligent Car Transport System is a Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) anti-collision mechanism which has been designed to determine, estimate and avoid collision courses between two or more vehicles based on a correlative and cooperative wireless networking concept. To enable location awareness, the mechanism uses a Global Positioning System receiver backed by sensors enabling accurate location determination despite discrete GPS measurements.
  67. Advanced Restaurant Management System
  68. Personalizing Web Community Directories Based On Web Usage Data
  69. E-Waste Management
  70. Enhanced Maintenance Architecture in E-Commerce Server
  71. Sales and Invoice Tracking System
  72. Online Blood Bank System
  73. Smart Metering Initiative
  74. Information Based Queries in Mobile Environment
  75. Train scheduling and simulation: This application was developed to be able to schedule the trains on a three-line section. The three-line section comprises of two dedicated railway lines, one reserved for the up direction and the second for the down direction. The third line can be used in both the direction. It is important to understand how to use this third line. We need to be able to determine the direction in which the third line needs to be used during the various intervals of time.
  76. Inventory management system: Inventory management led to databases and today databases are evaluated on the ease of inserting, modifying, and updating data. This product oversees all sorts of inventory management and also notifies the client about the current situation of the stock.
  77. Distributed data mining in credit card fraud detection: credit card transaction have steadily increased taking an ever-larger share of the US payment system and resulting in a higher incidence of stolen account numbers and subsequent losses by banks. Improved fraud detection thus has become essential to maintain the viability of the US payment system.
  78. Human resource information system: The Human Resource Information System maintains the following core activities and core processes of a company such as the Personal Information Management, Personal Training Management, Recruitment Process Management and Project Management. The information thus collected through the above activities will be maintained in a centralized server and can be accessed easily via the Internet.
  79. Automated fault tracking system: The main objective of a bug-tracking solution is to track every identified issue so that defects that affect customer satisfaction or business financial success or company reputation can be fixed in a timely manner.
  80. Effective Method of Reducing Network Traffic Using Social Network
  81. Train Scheduling and Simulation
  82. Railway Hospital System Using SMS Gateway Communication
  83. Online Cricket Score Website
  84. Employee Profile Management System
  85. Online Passport Registration System
  86. An Improved Company Security Reporting System Using Intrusion Detection Technique
  87. Password Recovery Tool
  88. Semantic Web-Based Application for Adaptive Learning System
  89. Smart consumer appliances
  90. Speech enabling appliances
  91. Consumer accessibility appliances
  92. Economics of security and protection
  93. Digital analysis and processing
  94. Computer graphics and animation
  95. Stun gun circuit
  96. Transistor intercom circuit
  97. FM radio circuit
  98. Solar powered auto irrigation system
  99. Solar energy measurement mechanism
  100. Rhythm following flash lights